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Positive Identity and Belonging Programme

This programme is for conscious parents & caregivers who are seeking to support self-esteem, healthy racial identity and belonging in  children of Mixed and Black heritage.

/ Could this be for you?

Are you a parent  or caregiver raising a young Black or Mixed heritage child in a mainly White community?


Do you worry about the difficulties your child might face with developing positive racial identity, confidence and a sense of belonging?


Are you having to support your child through experiences of racism earlier than you thought, in either the playground, nursery, or school?


Are you concerned your child feels anxiety or shame around their hair or skin colour?


Are you uncertain about how to explain to your young child why they look different to their friends, peers and other family members in a way that helps them to feel like they fully belong?


Do you want to be able to prepare your child for the existence of racism in an age-appropriate, supportive and empowering way? 

/ Why this is needed

Coming to the realisation that your child is being affected by ‘race’ at a young age can be hugely painful. And supporting your child through incidents of racism can feel excruciating, especially when dealing with your own emotions as their parent. 

But there are no two ways about it  – your child needs you to show up prepared in this area! Children of Black and Mixed heritage, face prejudice and discrimination from a young age. From as young as 3 years old, children attach behavioural qualities – such as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ - to skin colour. Shockingly almost all Black and Mixed students experience racism at schools in countries like the UK.


Without intervention, this can have a damaging effect on your child’s self-esteem, mental health and ability to learn. Being silent on this as a parent, means allowing these risks and can also lead to your child believing harmful ideas of themselves to be true!

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/ The power of your role

But the good news is that as a parent, you have both the power and influence to protect your child from these effects and show up for them in the ways that they need! With the right awareness, strategies and tools it is possible to interrupt negative messaging and to grow and protect your little one’s self-image.


By challenging harmful behaviours as they occur and providing age appropriate guidance and feedback, you can help your child to develop healthy self-esteem and a positive racial identity to carry them confidently and securely through life!


In other words, you CAN equip yourself with the tools to powerfully support, protect and prepare your child in this area!

 Programme details

A powerful transformation programme empowering parents to cultivate positive racial identity, belonging and resilience in children of Black and Mixed heritage.

12 week programme

This structured programme will equip you with knowledge, skills and tools to cultivate positive racial identity, belonging and self-esteem in your child.

bi-weekly coaching

We’re going to tackle every problem you have together through bi-weekly coaching sessions.

You can choose one-to-one or group coaching sessions if you prefer to embark on this journey within a supportive community.

curated to you

The programme flow and content will be personalised to you and your family's particular context.

Join Programme Today

If this has resonated with you, then I'd love to start working with you.

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