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Affinity Groups for Black and Mixed heritage children & families

Updated: May 28, 2023

The Affinity Group Resource List for Black and Mixed Heritage Children & Families

Providing Black and Mixed-heritage children with safe spaces in which to be around others who represent their racial & ethnic identities, can do wonders for their self-esteem, sense of belonging and positive self image.

Affinity groups, as these spaces are known, can help to combat feelings of isolation, promote self confidence, nurture cultural & racial pride, and engender a sense of belonging and acceptance that may not always be felt when growing up in predominantly White contexts, like the UK and Europe.

Over the decades, families of colour have come together across Europe to create these intentional spaces for children and families to connect in both formal and informal ways. This Affinity Group Resource List for Black and Mixed Heritage Children & Families aims to share some of the groups that exist today and that you may wish to tap into where you live:




​Austria (Vienna and Graz)

Schwarze Mamas - Black Momlife


Expats of Color in Paris France

Germany (Berlin)

Eoto Black Youth

Germany (Berlin)

​Sankofa Kita

Germany (Bremen)

Die Schwarze Kinderbibliothek

Germany (various locations)

Black Dads Germany

Global (various locations)

Black Expat Online Communities


Polish interracial families


Black in Portugal

Switzerland (Bern)

Ijeoma Parenting

Switzerland (Basel)

Happy Hair Day

Switzerland (Geneva)

Yeba School GVA

Switzerland (Zurich)

AfroSwiss Families

United Kingdom (Brighton)

MOSAIC Black and Mixed-Parentage Family Group

United Kingdom (Devon & South West)

Mixed Families Together

United Kingdom (Dorset)

Jurassic Multicultural

United Kingdom (online & various location meet-ups)

The Mixed Family Conversation

Global (online)

Samahra (Parents of Multiracial kids)

Global (online)

Samahra Rise (Multiracial Teens)

Please note that this list is for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as a formal endorsement. Some of the groups listed here may have changed since publication and if you have any additions or amendments that you wish to make, please get in touch here:


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